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Spring 2014


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146 S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 | trends 美容趨勢 Put down your lipstick and step away from the blush. Statement eyes are the key to unlocking spring's hottest trend. Remove all thoughts of the acid blues of the 80s – this time around, blue is subtler, softer and a whole lot easier to wear. Organic, elementally inspired punky primary colours washed over eyes at Marc by Marc Jacobs and subtle streaks of inky blue encircled the upper and lower lids, while watery lines of sky replaced a feline fl ick backstage at Prada. But it was at Derek Lam where we saw blue in its most wearable guise, make-up artist Tom Pecheux using blocks of navy liner, building it up as the show went on, "to take the look from day through to night", he says, "like a real woman would". Easier to wear than ever, blue in its truest form, teamed with a pared-back, raw complexion, is utterly striking whatever your skin tone. It's an instant mood brightener too. The Looks • To keep the look modern and fresh, steer clear of shimmery textures. Choose finishes that are matte, opaque and bold. • Not convinced? Start small – a coat of blue mascara one day leads to a slick of navy liner the next, and before you know it you're confident enough to wash a sky blue shadow across the lids. • There are no eye-colour or skin-tone rules when it comes to blue – pick a shade you like and try it out. 化妝重點 • 想保持摩登而清新的妝容, 避免使用閃光質感,選擇啞 光、不透明而大膽的眼影。 • 第一天先用藍色睫毛膏,隔天 再加上深藍色的眼線,你會不 知不覺擁有足夠信心在眼皮塗 上整片天藍色眼影。 • 放膽塗上喜歡的藍色眼影,因 為這個顏色適合任何膚色。 Nothing lifts the mood like a bright wash of blue, writes Samantha Flowers 在眼瞼抹上深淺不一的墨水藍或天空藍色調,肯定能讓你在這個 春季更加神采飛揚,請看SAMANTHA FLOWERS的介紹 藍色頌歌 SING THE BLUES 放下唇膏,暫時忘掉腮紅。這個春天的新潮打扮重點在眼部。但是千萬別考慮 上世紀80年代流行過的湖水藍,這次流行的藍色比較低調、輕柔也更容易配 襯。Marc by Marc Jacobs採用自然原始的基本色,在上下眼瞼塗抹隱約可見的 墨水藍;Prada的後台是一片水彩般輕盈的天藍色線條;Derek Lam的藍色最平 易近人,美妝師Tom Pecheux設計大色塊的海軍藍眼線化法,在時裝展進行期間 逐漸加深,他的用意是「示範白天到夜晚的化妝法,讓現實生活的女性學習。」 本季的眼影比以往更容易搭配,以最真實色調示人,藍色與女性的天然膚色 互相襯托,任何膚色都可以製造出明艷照人的效果,還可以讓心情更加開朗。

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