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H ello, and welcome to the winter issue of Cotai Sle. Sands China is a company with deep roots in Macao and we are very proud to be able to grow together with the ci and contribute to its transformation into a world centre of tourism and leisure. With the grand opening of The Parisian Macao in September, we witnessed the latest wonderful chapter in this ongoing story. Celebrations included an amazing light show and pyrotechnics at The Parisian Macao's half-scale recreation of the Eiffel Tower, now a prominent feature on the Cotai skyline. The programme's entertainment highlights included performances from multi-award-winning Belgian singer Lara Fabian, making her Macao debut, and Hong Kong actress and singer Karen Mok, who is also this issue's cover star. It was a fabulous and memorable occasion for everyone involved, including the thousands of locals and tourists who gathered on the Cotai Strip to enjoy the opening festivities courtesy of live-stream broadcasts on our large outdoor screens. My sincere thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the event such a success. And the excitement continues this winter! With an unbeatable range of world-class entertainment, Sands Resort Cotai Strip Macao is the place to be. Lined up is the Riverdance 20th Anniversary World Tour and the timeless ballet Swan Lake, performed by the internationally acclaimed St Petersburg Ballet company. Aside from these major Western acts, we will also be celebrating Chinese culture and entertainment with an exciting series of concerts and live events. Embracing the seasonal spirit, guests can expect to see wonderful decorations throughout our integrated resorts over the Christmas period, highlighted by a 50-foot giant tree and including a brand new 3D light and sound show projected across the entire front and side facade of The Venetian Macao, while the Eiffel Tower's Grand Illumination Show will feature two special programmes. For New Year's Eve, a series of events at The Venetian Lagoon will include live music, a DJ and other entertainment, including a special five-minute animated countdown on The Venetian Macao's facade. Over at The Parisian Macao's forecourt, revellers can expect more live entertainment and a stunning countdown on the Eiffel Tower. With all of this on offer there is officially no better place to be than Sands Resorts Cotai Strip Macao. Please feel free to take this copy of the magazine home and don't miss our digital edition, available at www. or by scanning the QR code below. This Winter issue of Cotai Style spans a period of important family festivities, namely Christmas, New Year and the Lunar New Year. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a happy and peaceful 2017 and a joyful and prosperous Year of the Rooster. We look forward to welcoming you back to Macao soon. Dr. Wilfred Wong PRESIDENT, SANDS CHINA LTD. 您好,歡迎翻閱本期《金光時尚》冬季刊。 金沙中國植根澳門,彼此關係密切,我們深 感榮幸可以與本城一起成長,為澳門轉型成世 界級休閒旅遊中心貢獻心力。隨今年9月澳門 巴黎人隆重開幕,各界得以見證金沙集團不斷 向前邁進,揭開華美燦爛的新篇章。 澳門巴黎人的慶祝活動精彩繽紛,包括在按 原型二分之一比例興建的澳門巴黎鐵塔上演璀 璨煙花匯演及燈光表演,這座地標建築如今已 成為路金光大道上一道最美麗的風景。開幕 當晚,娛樂節目的焦點包括首次在澳門獻唱的 比利時得獎歌手Lara Fabian,以及本期的封面 人物香港歌星兼演員莫文蔚。 這場盛會讓所有賓客留下美好回憶,成千 上萬的本地賓客及外地遊客聚集在路金光大 道,透過戶外大型屏幕,欣賞現場轉播的開幕 盛會。在此誠心感謝所有勞苦功高的工作人 員,全賴他們才能讓這一切獲得巨大成功。 令人興奮的氣氛延續至這個冬季!想欣賞一 系列無與倫比的世界級娛樂表演,澳門金沙度 假區是不二之選。我們在這個歡慶季節,為您 安排了享譽全球的《大河之舞—20週年特別紀 念版》,以及由聖彼得堡芭蕾舞團帶來的芭蕾 舞劇《天鵝湖》。除了這些來自西方的傑出節 目,我們亦為您呈獻一系列彰顯中國文化的音 樂會及現場表演。 一如既往,綜合度假村充分展現了歡慶佳節 的精神,訪客於這段期間可欣賞到遍佈每個角 落的聖誕佈置,其中注目焦點包括高達50呎的 璀璨聖誕樹,以及投射在澳門威尼斯人外牆的 全新製作3D光效匯演;同時,澳門巴黎鐵塔亦 將上演兩段特別製作的大型燈光秀。 新年除夕之夜,澳門威尼斯人戶外湖畔將舉 行一系列特別活動,包括DJ及其他慶祝活動, 如澳門威尼斯人外牆的五分鐘倒數活動。另一 邊廂,澳門巴黎人亦精彩紛呈,除了在前庭 上演載歌載舞的現場秀,巴黎鐵塔亦以璀璨奪 目、充滿魅力的倒數,迎接新年。 澳門金沙度假區精心策劃了多不勝數的娛樂 與活動,肯定是您歡度佳節的最佳去處。歡迎 您將《金光時尚》帶回家作紀念,亦可登入我 們的網站www.cotaistyle.com或掃描下方二維 碼,瀏覽本刊的電子版內容。 欣逢本期《金光時尚》冬季刊出版之際,正 是闔家團圓的時刻,從聖誕節、新年到農曆新 春,普世歡騰,到處一片歡慶佳節的氣氛。僅 借此機會,向您獻上最誠摯的祝福。願您與摯 愛的親友度過平安喜樂的2017年,祝您金雞迎 喜、好運連連。我們期待很快歡迎您再次蒞臨 澳門,與我們共度佳節。 王英偉博士 金沙中國有限公司總裁 president's message 總 裁 致 詞 24 W I N T E R 2 016 / 17 |

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